K - 8th Grade


The Physical Education program emphasizes a variety of important life skills which include physical fitness, team-building and social interactions. The physical activities and concepts are adapted to meet each student's developmental level and focus on collaborative and skills-based activities rather than competitive events. Students learn to assume leadership and cooperate with others which lead to a sense of self-worth. They discover the benefits and strength of living a healthy and active lifestyle.

9th - 12th Grade


The Physical Education program promotes healthy living and encourages students to be physically active. Physical activities focus on improving cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, strength and body composition, as well as, foster cooperation and sportsmanship, reduce stress, strengthen peer relations and experience goal setting. The physical education courses empower students to assume responsibility for their own lifetime health, wellness and fitness.

K - 8th Grade


The Health Education program educates students with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to make healthy lifestyle choices. Students are educated in personal safety, nutrition, growth and development, illness prevention, substance abuse, mental and emotional health, consumer health and physical fitness. Health education strives to foster in students the desire to maintain their well-being throughout their lifetime.

9th - 12th Grade


The Health Education program provides a firm foundation of knowledge that promotes healthy lifestyle living. Students learn to develop effective communication skills, sound decision making, positive interpersonal relationships and healthy nutrition that will enable them to become lifelong, successful learners in making healthy living choices. They identify and acquire personal strategies to avoid, reduce and cope with unhealthy, risky or unsafe situations.

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