Goal of our Program:

Promote Positive Behavior and Academic Success

  • Track & Reward
  • Honors & Recognition
  • Experiences & Activities
  • Honors Perks

How the system works...

Throughout the day, students earn points for good behavior and strong academic performance. By maintaining a high point average, students achieve "Honors" status, which comes with exciting benefits. Earned points can be used to purchase lunches, snacks, items at the school store and even Amazon prizes! Points unlock opportunities for classroom visits, participation in field trips, and even exclusive weekly honors activities like trips, movie days, and special treats. 

On top of these rewards, achieving Honors status grants students access to discounts at the school store, further incentivizing positive behavior and academic achievement.

This innovative program fosters a culture of positive reinforcement, motivating students to strive for excellence while creating a fun and engaging school experience.

  • Blurred Lines

    Photo by: John Doe
  • Behavior Specialist

    The role of the school Behavior Specialist is to collaborate with the faculty in designing a welcoming and encouraging learning environment that supports both academic and behavioral progress. Additionally, the behavior specialist works closely with students to identify and modify any problematic behavior using a range of strategies. Together with the student's team of teachers and other staff, the Behavior Specialist helps develop individualized behavior plans aimed at fostering the student's full potential, particularly during challenging times.

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