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By Jordin Hugger 20 Mar, 2024
The month of March shines a spotlight on Social Workers around the world! These dedicated individuals play a crucial role in schools, acting as a bridge between students, families, and the educational environment. They provide individual counseling, connect students with resources, and develop coping mechanisms to ensure their difficulties do not impede learning and lead to better overall mental health. They help students reach their full potential, develop healthy relationships, resolve conflicts peacefully, and communicate effectively, preparing them for success in future endeavors. Overall, social workers are valuable assets in schools, contributing to a positive learning environment where students can thrive academically, socially, and emotionally. This year's Social Work Month theme, "Empowering Social Workers", perfectly captures the essence of their work. Our social workers exemplify this theme through their dedication and compassion – from providing counseling and crisis intervention to championing changes that promote success in all students. Words from our Social Workers...
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