Interested in exploring the possibilities at

The Rugby School?

We encourage all parents and guardians to learn more about the out-of-district placement option. The process begins with a simple conversation! Contact your child's current school counselor or us to arrange a personalized tour of

The Rugby School. This tour allows you to see our program upfront and personal. We will discuss how our nurturing environment can benefit

your child.

Why your Child may Benefit from an out of District Placement

Embracing Individuality through Accessible Support

The Rugby School at Woodfield is dedicated to providing accessible and comprehensive support services for students with diverse learning needs. We recognize the importance of minimizing barriers to entry and fostering a supportive environment with optimum student-to-staff ratios. This approach allows for individualized attention and caters to the unique needs of each student.

Acknowledging the potential urgency in seeking specialized education, The Rugby School at Woodfield offers the flexibility of accepting students throughout the academic year to ensure continuity in their educational journey.

Financial limitations should not hinder access to specialized support. The costs associated with our program are typically covered by your sending school district or through grant funding we secure from state and federal agencies. We encourage you to explore these options with your district's special education department.

Partnering for Personalized Student Success

The Rugby School at Woodfield welcomes inquiries from families seeking to explore comprehensive educational, therapeutic, emotional, and social support options for students with diverse learning needs. We are committed to collaborating with families to identify the optimal learning environment that fosters each child's individual growth and success.

When you are ready to initiate a conversation, please do not hesitate to contact us at

732-681-6900, extension 119. Alternatively, you may reach out to our Executive Director via email. We are committed to open communication and collaborative exploration to ensure a smooth transition and effective support for your child.

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